17 October 2008

My Life in Pictures

Things I've been up to recently that have been documented in photos:

Posing with other people's babies (notice the crinkled nose that shows I find it hilarious that Mike is posing behind me to make it a fake family photo).

Getting all covered up to make noodles with 200 other Relief Society women.

Shaking my head at the new development in the saga of the toenail--a hard, raised bump in the middle. (How many times have I posted on this now? Let's see, here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here (barely), and here [way to go Havasupai my foot, literally], and here, and here, and here [but who's counting?]. And I remember someone said I was brave posting pictures of my toe. A Fußpflegerin who is in my ward checked it out and basically said I'll probably just be dealing with similar problems the rest of my life. Mensch. Doesn't it seem silly to you that we can take on arm transplants but no one can do a thing about weird-growing toenails that cause eternal problems--eternal in the worldly sense?)

Pinning the nametag on the missionary at Sister Grayson's birthday party.

Laughing because Sister Dixon didn't like my outfit but was too afraid to say anything. Instead she said, "You look cute. You have pants on." I like the skirt-over-pants style and find it useful for warming cold upper legs in the winter.

Finally getting my CT Scan. My throat hasn't hurt for the last several days, but the tonsils are still goopy with white spots. I can't believe it's taken so long--my first appointment was on the 29th of August (two weeks of that are my fault since I showed up without money or an insurance card). Here's a CT Scan I found online. It's kind of pretty, don't you think? Somehow it reminds me of a butterfly, probably because of the symmetrical patterns.

Thus, you know my CT Scan is pretty messed up when it is not symmetrical:

Wow, those are my eyeballs! How come one is bigger than the other?


  1. I think your toenail looks great! But does it hurt? As for the CT scan. . do you know the verdict?

  2. The CT scan is cool, but please give the interpretation thereof.

  3. Patience people . . . I now have to go back to the HNO--that's ENT. Thursday. The lady said their next appointment was the 28th and I groaned. I asked if there was anything earlier (no) and then told her I wouldn't be in Germany then. The lady re-checked and said I could come Thursday.

  4. I hope you figure out what's been ailing you. That's got to be frustrating.

    You should totally photograph your outfits everyday, hel-looks style.

  5. Hmmm, hel-looks is interesting. Most of the stuff on there is absolutely crazy, and some of it is exactly what I see every day in Germany. I don't feel like I'm funky enough, though.