15 February 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

I finally made the Irish brown bread recipe that we got in Ireland, even though I was unsure if the linseed/flaxseed should be whole or ground. Turns out the ground flaxseed from Trader Joe's worked just fine. Also, I just made educated guesses about the amounts. Mmmm.

Michael is good about making things look pretty (and yes, we're going to need to order more glass-jarred Nutella or make a trip to Canada or Europe!):

 photo 2016-02-14 10.34.42_zpsrzgmcmzb.jpg

After we watched The Intern (I enjoyed it more than I thought I would), I pulled my valentine for Michael from behind the couch:

#Hamilfan Valentine photo 2016-02-14 17.04.01_zpseledzoqu.jpg

"I will send a fully-armed battalion to remind you of my love" is a fabulous line from Hamilton the musical that I've been obsessed with recently. Michael wasn't too sure about Hamilton when I first played it for him, but we listened to the whole thing while driving to Fremont and then Sunnyvale a few weeks ago, and he reacted the same way I did once I got it—by reading a whole bunch of Wikipedia articles and playing the album on repeat on Spotify. He finds King George's songs especially hilarious. You can listen to Hamilton here. (I was about to list my favorite songs for you, but there are simply too many. Be forewarned that there is some strong language.)

We cleaned our apartment (wow it felt great to have things scrubbed down—it's been too long) and cooked a simple dinner of dream potatoes, rosemary chicken, and asparagus. Michael's family came over to enjoy it with us:

Valentine's Dinner with the Tsai Family photo 2016-02-14 18.03.35_zpsnjcti8kq.jpg

It was a lovely Valentine's Day.

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