09 September 2007

A Few Observations

I haven't brushed or combed my hair for three days. Alana's housemate suggested the habit; she hasn't brushed hers for five years and she has quite nice hair.

The population of Tooting is predominantly Indian/Pakistani/You Know Who I Mean.

I have never heard so many languages in one place as in central London yesterday.

I rode on a double-decker bus today.

The nail polish is coming off of my black toenail. It's going to be a beauty. My other toe, as I have not before now mentioned, is still peeling in layers on the bottom (ever since Havasupai), and it itches like a mad man, all the time. There's nothing I can do for it as I have none of those filing things, clippers, Band-aids, or the like.

England is surprisingly similar to Germany. They just speak something more understandable.

Although I love the British English and the language started there, it is interesting to think that people learning a new language are expected to get rid of their accents, but people in an area with a new accent of their own language aren't. I would feel fake if I just started talking like everyone here. Also, everyone knows I'm a big fan of the "ah" for As instead of the American "a" that you find in the middle of "cat," but their Os aren't vowels at all. I can't even figure out how to write it so you'd know what I mean. It's not "O," it's "eh-o" but faster. How would I have classified that sound in Linguistics? It puzzles me to no end. There is not a single word I can fink of (that's another curiosity) that Americans pronounce with that sound.

1 comment:

  1. Are you growing your dreads?

    Cool about the India thing. Did you make any Indian friends so that we can visit their family in India?

    Double-decker buses remind me of Harry Potter and that awful Spice Girls movie.

    I have a mixture of feelings toward your toenail situation. Disgust, sympathy, and dwindling hope.

    Dahling. . . . you caun do anything . Just fake it till you make it!