02 July 2015


We went to pick olallieberries with our friend and her lovely dog, Biscuit, at Swanton Berry Farm in Pescadero.

Swanton Berry Farm Berrypicking photo 11008470_10206958857272553_8855388262172461459_n_zpskd8ufxtx.jpg

Olallieberries photo 11048731_10206958856952545_3179880137271666974_n_zpselxshzwb.jpgOlallieberries are more tangy than sweet, but/so they make the best jam.

Biscuit photo 07a2bea1-292f-4bb2-aa85-86382a98a207_zpsjspo548j.jpg
Biscuit is such a nice little doggie.

It was amazing to get some fresh air and sun outside of the city, and we even tried and loved the famous artichoke garlic bread at Arcangeli in Pescadero (no picture because we scarfed it). Their spicy cheddar sandwich was amazing as well.

Olallieberries: $96 photo 0088c8a8-a5ce-446d-8b4e-3954a3dc9ff1_zpskidtussa.jpg
Yeah, we got a lot. Twelve pounds. We missed the season last year, so I guess we made up for that.

Olallieberry Gems photo 486f1dae-690c-4fa7-a1c1-61da303276e2_zpstifvsmgy.jpg
We paid $96 for these gems.

I made jam already, but one package of pectin hardly put a dent in our supply, so I froze the rest for pies and jam later this year. Mmmm. I wonder if some day I can buy olallieberry plants and grow them in my garden?

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