25 May 2008

Michelle Glauser, Podiatrist (and Something about the Pentecost Concert)

Tanya, I'm growing it out just for your wedding! Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Yesterday I decided now was the time to act before my toe started hurting more. I scraped away as much as I could, put tons of lotion and a Band-aid on it, and went to play soccer. Afterwards, I showered with the tub stopped, so my toe was plenty soft before I went to work.

Carefully cutting away every thing I could, I discovered (just like Dr. Soulier did) that there are two separate chunks of nail something growing out of the sides, causing pressure on the main nail. I figured, "Hey, if he can do it, why can't I?" and I started yanking. I twisted and pulled and wedged in the edge of the tweezer and twisted and pulled some more, and what do you know? The chunk came out without any pain, though the chunk on the left was a lot bigger (seen in picture for your viewing pleasure, ha ha ha!). I did some more cleaning up and the nail's looking and feeling a lot better now. I learned that you can pretty much do anything with a nail as long as it's soft. I'll probably have to do that from now on. I don't see why it would stop growing like that if it didn't after Dr. Soulier played with it. I also thought about how me doing the mini-operation was so something my mother would do.

On another note, here is a quick video of the place where we had our Pentecost choir concert. We raised 837 Euros for the Leipzig Ronald McDonald house. I was annoyed because no one would switch places with me so I could have some support with alto since I'm new at that. The lady next to me was so timid I couldn't hear a thing from her (you can see her in the video, she's sitting alone front and right holding her book, facing the camera), and on my right was a soprano. However, somehow it worked out without too much trouble. Or maybe I just thought that. :)

Elder Uchtdorf spoke only an hour away, but I had the concert. Too bad. I heard he encouraged us to talk about what we learned in church when people ask what we did over the weekend. Good idea.

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  1. Oh my. . . . the saga of the toenail continues! Hey, could you please email me your dress and shoe size? Thanks!