15 October 2008

Books by Color

Melissa, thanks for the idea. With my blaring lack of money budget and my constant desire to change little things, this was the perfect opportunity. I'd always ordered my clothes by color, but books? Brilliant.

In other news, some day I hope to be able to say that I slept through the Nobel Prize phone call. After all, sleep is more important than fame. And maybe by then I'll have a really cool library like this guy. Then again, I hope by then that all that stuff will be digitized so I can go wherever in the world I want to and still have access to an endless amount of information through my laptop. Of course, that's assuming that I'll have internet access wherever I go, so I hope for that too. And if I still worked in a library, I would seriously think about buying one of these shirts, or at least making a sticker out of one of them.

Last of all, check out this well-researched post done for me by a blog-writer I love to read for her personal insights into people as they relate to Church history. It's proof that even though I was born that year, it was still a good and eventful year. ;)


  1. I wanted to try the same thing with my books but they aren't even in our apartment yet. Nobel guy sounds awesome. The personal library is definitely an "engaging" place with so much to engage with you would never leave!