Who Am I?

Hi! I'm Michelle Glauser. I have lived in Salt Lake City, Leipzig (in Germany; yes, I speak German), Shanghai, London, and San Francisco, and I've traveled to many other places. I've been blogging since 2003 and wrote my Master's thesis on mommy bloggers. I learned to code at Hackbright Academy and happily became a software engineer and now I'm passionate about helping more women join and feel comfortable in tech. Despite living at the top of a hill, I try to bike everywhere I go and that makes me feel very happy. My husband Michael and I met playing soccer, and because his family speaks Mandarin I have been trying to pick up what I can. When I'm not hacking, reading, attending tech events, or sleeping, I might be playing the piano, hiking, or watching other people's dogs at a nearby park. My favorite pasttimes, though, are baking (and consuming) chocolate chip cookies, and burying myself in a good book.