31 August 2016

Fogust in San Francisco

Summer in the Office photo 2016-07-08 13.26.38_zpsiwtauxhh.jpg
I remember wearing sandals and having a couple of warm weeks in August last year, but this "Fogust," Karl the Fog hasn't had many vacation days. Of course, when offices are kept cold enough to turn your hands blue and send you in search of USB-heated gloves, the weather outside doesn't matter much anyway.

St. Dorothy's Rest photo 2016-08-13 11.33.09_zpszvv11u9s.jpg

St. Dorothy's Rest photo 2016-08-13 11.33.17_zpsqppnwj0l.jpg
I escaped to warmer afternoons and chilly, but Perseid-graced nights at St. Dorothy's Rest with friends. One night, I woke up in the middle of the night and went outside by myself. I drank in the starry sky, the cool, refreshing air, the smell and towering presence of redwoods, and the quiet. Even though it was pretty cold, I had to wrap up that peaceful moment for later.

Contact Care Improvisation photo 2016-08-26 14.58.46_zpsudjiq8pt.jpg
What do you do when you forgot to bring your contact solution and case with you and your eyes are burn-y? Improvise with eye drops and spoons.

Sufi photo 2016-07-14-11.42.20-lighter_zpsjavnfrrp.jpg
This is Sufi. Though Sufi often looks at me like she's judging me and I'm not usually a huge fan of smaller dogs, Sufi doesn't make messes or bark and I love having her around at work. Sadly, I won't see her anymore after this Friday.

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