28 August 2009

Overwhelming Amount of Links to Love

You've never seen so many links in your life. I'm posting them all now as a celebration of having just turned in my master's thesis! Wahooooooey! (I almost screamed in the street as I rode away from the copy shop.)

(Oh, and I'll give you a tip: right click on each link and then select "Open Link in New Tab." Then you can be like me and have a billion things open. But if you don't have a Mac and your computer crashes, don't blame me.)

Artsy (Crafts, Architecture, Styles, Music, etc.):

I. want. this. umbrella. skirt.

Awesome Umbrella Skirt

Two lovely wallpaper uses.

Colorful nature art on musical staffs by a Mormon artist.

Doesn't this girl ever run out of cutesy ideas? Silhouette portraits.

Art made with greasy burgers. (Thanks, John's Facebook wall.)

I am blown away by this factory-worker church remodeled to be a house.

Creative architectural art installations.

Someday when I have a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, I will take pictures of it jumping into the air with joy, like these photos. Then I will put a red ribbon around his neck, like these dog bowties.

I'm lusting after this apartment. And the business cards are cool, too.

How to get in a Sartorialist picture

Black dot short film.

Dainty scherenschnitte city maps (London and Paris included). (Amanda, good for you.)

Post-it Note Romance:

Here's the mysterious French music that was playing on my computer:

Edith Piaf - Ne Me Quitte Pas

So I saw this mix of Taylor Swift's "Love Story" and Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" by Jon Schmidt and Steve Nelson (who was in my old ward) several months ago, but I didn't know how big it would get. Here's an article about it.

What a cool dress made of peacock feathers.

Indian/Mexican wedding. (Cool dress!)

Nice art.

Nice Mormon art.

Could you eat food that looks this pretty?

Out of all these floral patterns, I think I would like to use "Fall Apart" as a wallpaper.

Hilarious office artwork. My favorite is the one with all the dots from a hole puncher and the descriptions for the different kinds of workers.

Vintage underwater photography

Johnya's YouTube opera suggestions.

A good example of how to survive in a tiny apartment.

Recycled business cards
. (Just stamp it on used materials.)

Rotating circular kitchen, and in a nice red I like, too. This looks awesome but makes me wonder about the magical triangle that all interior designers consider for kitchens. Would it get old going from fridge to sink to stove? Or would you just rotate it?

Quilling? I didn't even know what that was and now I love it.

I'd like to try to play with clouds in my photos.

Weather Girl Art.

Letters to everyone in a town.

Colorful soap bubbles. (One of the patterns looks like my sinus passages.)

I love Iron & Wine, ever since I was introduced to them on the way to and from Havasupai. This girl's version is nice:

Cinder & Smoke from karmaticoma on Vimeo.

Picture gallery wall interior idea.

Cool wee see (baby einstein for designer babies).

Simply pretty, French art by Stephane Dauthuille.

Artsy tape that would make my mom drool.

Stephanie Levy art.

Colors in awkward family photos. Ha ha.


Fascinating article about a word-count linguist.

25,000 books checked out from the library since 1946.

Justify your love for literature

Your life on a postcard.

Help this awesome writer write a bestseller. (It may require a LOT of help and patience.)

Library ice cream.

Seven meanings to one sentence.

Someone asked David Sedaris to sign a kindle. Here's what he wrote.

Sylvia Plath's note in The Great Gatsby.

Postmodern book list. (This list made me shiver with joy.)

The adventures of two milk teef. Random.

A variety of bookshelves.

James Joyce invented the blog?

A witty look at the meaning of postmodernism.

Peek at other people's books.

NPR's three-minute fiction. Worth a few reads.


Someone had a lot of time to make a fancy printer advertisement.

I love to see people use technology to improve the world--texting 911.

Pocket cemetery on your iPhone.

Since as long as I could remember, people have asked me how I can walk and read at the same time. Although it makes for a bit slower walking and a bit slower reading, I call it quality time-saving. If you hold the book just right, you'll never have trouble seeing if someone or something comes in front of you, even if your eyes aren't focused on it. Well, this tool is good for texting and walking.

Is this not creepy how well they can make digital babies?

Microwave oven physics

Google, thanks for the reminder about finding emails.

What is so fascinating about these "Will it Blend?" youtube videos that Jesse told me about? I don't know, but I watched about ten already. Here's the light sticks getting blended (and yes, now I want one of these super-expensive blenders):

. So cool! I, you, we are digitizing books!


Talmage's Jesus the Christ in MP3 form (I've been listening to it on my way around the city.)

Will the Great Mormon Novel ever come to be?

Holyfetch.com disspells Mormon urban myths (perfect for Uncle Scott).

Lightning hit my secret dream husband Angel Moroni?

Everything else:

Amazing Holocaust love story.

Picture psychology quizzes

Have you ever had a squirrel pop into one of your pictures?

10 most extreme places
. Oddee.com has some awesome lists.

Interactive chart of how Americans spend their time each day.

More outer space colors.

Personal experience of a stroke.

Cool pics of the solar eclipse.

Classic laser backgrounds with portrait photography. (You know you liked them.)

Homeless man with $4 Million.

Nifty anti-smoking campaigns. (Thanks, Vilja.)

Apple pie

Turkey finally banned smoking. I guess I went too early.

Surprise wedding reception.

A day of Abbey Road video:

Staring contest (kind of like March Madness).

Dangerous, those snocones, especially when you mix up cleaner and flavor.

Waking up in a body bag.

Whack a kitty video. Ha ha ha.

Did you know bubbles tear when they pop?

People fighting on Google Maps? So random!

Do you want to travel? This Joobili site asks you when and tells you where. So cool.

If you got this far , I congratulate you and thank you. :)


  1. Where do you find all this stuff? I work at a desk job so I'm at a computer for 8 hours a day and am usually bored. This stuff should keep me entertained for a while- thanks!

  2. Congratulations on turning in your Thesis. I remember that day well! Such a relief!

  3. Found you through the Blogher links -- I'm Mormon too! Awesome links! A woman after my own heart - I love finding random things around the Internet

  4. Congratulations on your thesis!

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around all of these links, together.