22 July 2014


We shipped a lot of stuff to the States from London and then headed to Paris with a suitcase we'd just bought at Oxfam for £13. Unfortunately, within a few minutes of leaving our beloved London flat, we realized that the suitcase had issues. The handles wouldn't stay in the plastic encasing on the bottom, meaning they would stick out and make a horrible scraping sound on the sidewalk. We were already late for the bus I'd booked to the airport, so we had a stressful couple of hours.

Fortunately, after we'd dropped off our suitcases at our Paris Airbnb, we went and saw this:

Arc de Triomphe photo IMG_1601_zpsd8d4bcd6.jpg
Arc de Triomphe

Eiffel Tower photo IMG_1610_zpsa5ce4c02.jpg
We also caught the sparkles on the Eiffel Tower.

More French Baked Goods photo IMG_8096_zpscc7ff58c.jpg
The next morning, I was very happy to get a whole bag of French baked goods.

French Baked Goods photo IMG_1692_zps3a16d76f.jpg
My almond croissant was amazing.

Versailles photo IMG_8101_zps612e75bb.jpg

Versailles photo IMG_1832_zps7b1ffc71.jpg
Versailles wasn't as great as I had hoped, mostly because the crowds were overwhelming.

Versailles photo IMG_8138_zpscf2f4bd3.jpg
We watched an interesting video about the restoration of the fountains and how they'd discovered that the plumbing could make different water patterns.

Versailles photo IMG_1950_zpsd099dc4d.jpg
It was so hot on the grounds that I worried about getting burned.

Versailles Grounds photo IMG_1987_zpsee736b62.jpg
Luckily I found some lovely shade, but my feet didn't hold out for long.

Giant Chocolate Macaron photo IMG_8150_zps54a7d1cc.jpg
So we picked up our macarons and pizza from the bag check and enjoyed them.

Easy Order at McDonald's photo IMG_8165_zps54aba26e.jpg
We didn't end up getting anything at McDonald's, but Michael was really excited about the ordering machines they had.

We went back to our Airbnb to take a nap.

Hakka Restaurant photo IMG_8171_zps132fbcbc.jpg
It turns out that there's a Hakka restaurant by our Airbnb. (Michael's mom is Hakka.)

Paris Elevator photo P1140676_zps9ba20911.jpg
Also, Michael had to back into the elevator each day because it was so tiny and he couldn't turn around with his backpack on.

Louvre photo IMG_2088_zpse1a0a89a.jpg
After our nap, we headed to the Louvre.

Love Locks Bridge photo IMG_2129_zps1260c52e.jpg
And to the locks of love bridge and Notre Dame.

Paris Subway photo IMG_8181_zps98b45bbb.jpg
The subway was surprisingly dirty and loud, but I suppose it had its charms.

Flower-Shaped Ice Cream photo P1140686_zps89d57db0.jpg
We were able to meet up with Michael's sister, who introduced us to pretty flower gelato at Amorino.

Giant Eclair photo P1140695_zps0b5fa234.jpg
I found the biggest eclair I've ever seen.

Michelle, Michael, and Claire at a Bridge photo P1140733_zpse9ae3650.jpg
Claire showed us some fancy bridges and buildings.

Paris at Night photo P1140740_zpsc9f59bd3.jpg

Last French Breakfast at Rue Montorgueil photo P1140762_zps5e5b4d89.jpg
The next morning, we headed to Rue Montorgueil to enjoy one more sweet French breakfast.

Expensive Snacks photo P1140791_zpsad43d625.jpg Michael wanted to try these things, which turned out to be super expensive. I hope they were good.

And then it was to the airport.

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