01 July 2012

Links to Love (Week 26, 2012)

Can you believe we're halfway through the year?

Some insanely relieving things happened this week, but I'm still feeling completely worn out today from all the pressure. It's great to have the most patient and loving supporter in the world, people willing to give me rides sometimes, new books from the library, government willing to support its citizens, new acquaintances interested in similar subjects, online forums where I can complain and sympathize my heart out, the amazingness of Freecycle, aloe vera plants to cool off my angry skin (I didn't know how itchy aloe vera can be, though), a different color of neon nail polish on each hand, and the pride of inventing and enjoyment of the most refreshing drink ever at The Ice Cream Bar (Sica said it was like sipping a cucumber--if you grace SF with your presence, I'll show you the place and maybe even let you try a sip).

This will get you laughing (and isn't Nina Conti lovely?):

I think this Wallaby card is a great finance tool! (You know I'm all about uniting everything. Now if Google had a card like this . . .)

Rather marvelous work of robotry (is that a word?), but do they have a robot that can beat me at bear, man, girl?:

Is this feminist?

Pixar story rules.

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