09 July 2012

Links to Love (Week 27, 2012)

We had a week with more Fremont-to-San Francisco trips than one might care to pay gas for, but we saw a lot of friends and can say we saw some interesting things (like a guy who fell over my wheelchair and loudly said the F-word while I was watching fireworks from Ghirardelli Square). Michael also catered to my wishes and spiral cut a hot dog for grilling for me.

RocketSpace makes an appearance at 1:59. I can't believe this guy's driving skills!

LOL Tumblrs.

17 Tips.


A dress made of gummy bears.

A lovely song:

Concrete desk accessories.

Would you survive a month off of Craigslist?

Portraits of dogs before being put down. :(

Batman in real life:

Bandages for your favorite Abe Lincoln fan.

Blow up websites using Fontbomb.

Ever heard of the artist Kumi Yamashita?

Using a typewriter as a musical instrument:

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