28 June 2012

Modern Health Care for America!

I gladly give up "the right" to suffer over and over as I have because of pre-existing conditions and costs I couldn't pay and I feel like anyone who has been in that place could understand. I feel like if we truly care about our fellow humans, we won't feel bad about everyone pitching in to make sure someone can get help when they need it. It's time for us to care about everyone and to be a modern country.

Some day, I will be healthy and I will be able to pitch in to that fund more to help people in my current situation. It's like the Mormon system of fast offerings, but for everyone in the whole country. Maybe that's why a lot of Mormons have a problem with it--they already have a system in place. But not everyone has the Church to rely on as we do.

Every system will have problems. No matter the system, there will be long-term mooches and there will be people who don't need it and thus don't see the point. I think we've taken a step in the right direction.

Read my previous health care rant here. And my pleas for support here.

Also, I like basil ice cream.


  1. Yay for basil ice cream in an tangerine cardamum float! Yum.

  2. Good post, Michelle, which is saying a lot coming from someone who's not crazy about O-care.  However, I think you support your stance well.  My issue is the governmental "rationing" that tends to accompany collective medicine which entails long waits and "panel" decisions to deny care if it's not deemed worth it.  I still think going back to the drawing board wouldn't be a bad idea, but can understand the way you feel.

  3. I definitely agree that health care needs reform.  I'm SO sad about your friend who didn't get her cancer treated early enough because of lack of insurance! 
     BUT, with my Libertarian leanings, I just can't help but think there has to be a BETTER way!  Our federal government complicates everything, and the paperwork is a NIGHTMARE!  Don't get me wrong, Medicaid paid for Charlotte's birth.  I was SO grateful! (btw, while insurance companies negotiate rates, ie, they will only pay $120 for an ultrasound, medicaid pays the FULL AMOUNT!  A whopping $500+!!!!)  But I just think we have so many brilliant people that we could come up with something better than this!  Also, I think it is sad that we aren't going all the way to include healthcare for everyone in the country.  Illegal immigrants are people too.  I guess I applaud Obama for doing SOMETHING, but I just can't help but think of No Child Left Behind and the mess that has made of education.  I'm much more Jeffersonian in my interpretation of the Constitution, and believe that individual states have the right to determine policies that aren't outlined in the Federal Constitution.  (education, health care, etc...)  
    Also, I'm just so uncharitable and I don't want to pay for people who have taken crappy care of themselves their entire lives.  Let's get people eating right, exercising, not smoking/drinking!  Or maybe give "discounts" on the premiums for leading a healthy life!  Is that "constitutional?"  I'm not saying this to be argumentative, but I'd love to have an in-depth discussion with you about it!  :)
    Sorry for the novel.  
    ~your slightly conservative, very opinionated friend.  :)

  4. As someone who has and is forgoing needed health care because of the costs, I can empathize with your opinion. However, I agree with both Betsy and Crystal. All of my dealings with government lead me to believe that the free enterprise system comes up with better solutions. Change is needed, but I fear this solution.

  5. I believe we should all get healthcare, but I think this Obama plan was hastily pushed through and not thought out. We need reform, but we need a better plan. I really hate government in my life so much, I think a free market is important but maybe it should be left to the states. I don't know. I don't have any medical insurance right now and I understand how the pre-existing conditions has been a big problem. Right now I have the IRS on my back and it is a nightmare, talk about mean nasty people who really don't care about you. I have thought about working for the church to get healthcare, maybe I need to go to DI and work there. 

  6. Healthcare should come second to none. This Trust has been there for us whenever we have needed them.