23 October 2009

September's October's Links to Love

Well, this was supposed to be for September, but I forgot to post it before the month was over. So, welcome to October's list of links to love.


Modern versions of famous books' titles.

Depression and writing

Being a writer and a parent.


NPR's interview with Maurice Sendak about Where the Wild Things Are.

Beautiful poems for a wedding.

Learn about yourself by writing a story about a picture here.


The Office theme song played by famous Mormon artists.

Predicting the next prophet. (I would guess Bednar, Uchtdorf, Nelson, and Scott.)

Fob Bible.

I trust the Lord will help me, but if not . . .

My Son the Mormon (article by a mom of a son who was baptized).


Crazy Alice in Wonderland mix (I keep trying to figure out what she's saying):

These are the musicians at the Songwriters concert I went to two weeks ago:

Mowat (from Chile)

My Sister Grenadine


Kitty Solaris

Here is Max Mutzke's "Weg von Hier" (thanks, Francy):

Grocery store musical improv. You've gotta marvel at the guts of those people, especially the guy who starts the singing:

Silent Hallelujah chorus.


Piano stairs--this makes me think of how when I was little, I sang sounds as I walked across the white lines at crosswalks. More of the fun theory can be found here.

Virtual autopsy.

Finland and broadband internet!

Barnes and Nobles' version of the Kindle, the Nook, allows users to share books! Now I just need to find a rich friend who buys every book possible . . .


A friend of mine has opened a new etsy craft store.

Women would sacrifice anything but chocolate for blogging!

In parenthood, sometimes a blog is born.

Gemsweater.com. Exactly what its name says and good for some chuckles. (Thanks, Melissa.)

Yogurt love.

Michelle Obama's family heritage.

Three situations
that will tell you a lot about people.

Would you live now like it was the 1930s?

Ellis Island Tour.

I guess I'm funemployed.

This makes me miss summer:

If I had enough money, I would open an offshore account.

My cute nephew and niece trying on their Halloween costumes:


  1. It always takes several days, but I usually check out most of your links. Interesting stuff. You're like my Reader's Digest of the internet.

  2. I'm glad someone looks at my links. I'm sorry they're always in huge lists, but there are just so many cool things out there.

  3. I don't think Finland offering Broadband internet for free and calling it a "right" is a wise move. What else do people have "rights" to? This seems suspicious to me that a government would get into the business of offering internet access if it didn't seek to control and regulate it. Bad, bad stuff.