03 April 2009

Longest Links List Ever (Sorry, Kind of)

Since I have so many links to share (again), I'm splitting them up into subjects.

Artsy stuff:

Have you seen these scanned sandwiches? (And here's a lovely color roundup, including the scanwiches.

What about the tiny art director blog, where a little girl tells her artist father what to draw and if it's any good?

I like umbrella art. Here and here and here.

What a cool idea: a YouTube flip-book of stock images:

High-speed photography is cool.

Cassette tape art. (Thanks, Melissa.)

This Color Freak Series are photographs made of colors samples made by people at colourlovers.com.

The posters for Where the Wild Things Are are so great. I always loved that book. "He sailed in and out of weeks . . ." I'm excited to see the movie.

Salt Lake architecture blog, especially this silo house.

Dreamy packing tape.

Even though this bedspread looks like a wedding dress, I luf it.

I love this Weather Girl etsy shop. I don't know how to describe the art, so go look at it yourself.

Similar art is at the etsy shop described in this post, but the portraits are especially cool.

Photo surgery: one half is young, one half is old. Cool.

This equation for modern art makes me think of my dad:

Little-known color names, A-L. And M-R (I could have sworn that mauve is a different color). That's all so far.

Literary stuff:

Like NieNie, I also like to smell new books, and I also liked to smell the book order paper. Mmm.

These "most interesting bookstores of the world" are pretty interesting. :)

In China, self-publishing of novels online is booming. I think it's interesting that the article says, "Now everyone can read the slush pile." I think part of the purpose of having a slush pile is so that we don't have to read that. However, many famous and enjoyable books made it there at first, so who knows?

Sony Reader and Google are offering 500,000 free books!

Literary tattoos. (Not that I like tattoos--on the contrary--but it's interesting to see what people chose.)

Peter Leeson, a pirate scholar, asked his girlfriend to marry him in his new book. Click here for the story.


For months now, I've been switching my Gmail to English every time I wanted to incorporate something from Google Labs, and then switching back to German. Now Gmail Labs is global! Wahoo!

Speaking of Google, someone cut a piece of grass out so there'd be a dead pixel on Google Earth. Ha ha. I also noticed a flag that someone put out in Leipzig with words on it and knew it had to be for Google Maps. I think the words are in Dutch (in front of the Altes Rathaus to the right of the A):

View Larger Map

And Gmail is five years old! I remember getting my invitation to join in 2004. So awesome.

Last, but not least, the name of this wireless connection reflects my own feelings about secured networks. That's especially the case in Germany:


Music by Melissa Horn is nice.

There will be a Spanish LDS Bible coming out soon. I'm totally jealous. I really miss the footnotes in my German Bible.

Here's an interesting article about paying attention to one conversation amid many.

Since I've been trying different breads recently, I was excited to see NPR's broadcast about no-knead bread. After I read the instructions, though, I shook my head because it's not easier at all.

Would you pay more attention to the announcements on a flight if they were rapped?:

I've been waiting to go to Paris until I can go with Tanya. And now that John (of Johnya) will be getting his Master's in French lit at NYU, they might live there for a while. So cool. Plus, a blogger whose blog I enjoy will be moving there for the summer. Speaking of French things, look at this cute video:

I'm not sure what this Russian website says (Jeff?), but I like all the new ideas they came up with for one of those huge garbage cans (or whatever it's called) that you can order when you're doing yard work or moving or whatever.

I just had to laugh at this one. I thought there was a time where I couldn't live without my USB, but I don't think I would ever use it as my finger.

Here's an inspiring story about a guy who supported his girlfriend as she passed away.

"Take me out to the ball game" organ being repaired.

This creepy baby holder made me laugh:

I already hated shrimp, but Lawsons' shrimp adventure just made my hate stronger.

"Za," "qi" and "zzz" were added to Scrabble's word list.


  1. That baby holder is hilarious! I'm laughing so hard right now. . . I forgot everything else I was going to say. Oh, yes. . . France here we come!

  2. Concerning the Google Maps picture of Leipzig...
    I don't think the words on the flag were not written on purpose... at least not for the purpose to be seen on Google Maps.
    The Leipzig pictures were taken during the Soccer World Championship 2006 when the Dutch played... when you check out the Burgplatz you can see a large crowd of people dressed in orange...

  3. You should come visit us! I'll have plenty of free time. And our apt. looks over the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. Score!

  4. i heard the rapping flight attendant on the radio. fun to see a video of it. funny funny