05 April 2009

I <3 Warmth

I love warm, sunny weather enough that on Friday, I stopped walking home from the store and sat down on a bench to read a novel. The sun shone, the sky was blue, birds were chirping, the ice cream shops were crowded. And, just to enjoy the warm weather even more, I was the only person I saw who was wearing a coat and gloves (if you can be warm, why not be extra warm?). I never wanted it to end.

But the warm weather also means it's time for two other trials besides cold weather of my life: spiders and allergies. Yippy. But I still vote for warm weather.

I hope you enjoyed the LDS conference this weekend (I'm always amazed how they talk about whatever is on my worry list), and have a happy Jesus's birthday.


  1. I love your blogs! (Found you through Segullah, wasn't that Icebreaker fun?)
    You are living the life that I still hope for. I love Europe, and would love to live there again someday. At this point, I'd even take Japan.

  2. My hair is frighteningly thin, so I've been afraid to cut bangs and lose what little I have. But I'm happy that I did, I love the bangs.

    I actually trimmed them again (shorter) so that I could just straighten them. The curl wasn't working out so well.

  3. It is 68 degrees in Salt Lake today, I am wearing shorts.