08 April 2009

I Don't Know Anything About Coffee or Alcohol

We went on a tour of Leipzig in preparation to give our own tours at the Easter Young Single Adult conference. What I found the most amusing wasn't the tour guide from Wittenberg's historical costume, his wittiness, or even the tidbits he told. What was hilarious to me was the fact that he didn't know we were Mormons. He kept making jokes about coffee and alcohol and tried to apply them to us.

"Goethe wrote about students getting drunk in the Auerbach Keller. You," he said, indicating Andy, "you know what that's like, don't you? Oh, yes, I can tell by the way you laugh." Ha ha. One time when he was talking about a famous lady, he brought up a word that I'd never heard of that had to do with coffee. I guess because I was paying close attention to understand everything, he said to me, "We all know what that is, but we don't know all know where the word came from. What is it? [Nodding to me.]" He didn't believe me when I said I had no idea and finally explained it himself, saying I shouldn't be so shy.

Then later when he said something about coffee drinking habits, he remarked, "Americans may still like it that way, but not Germans . . ." and Christina elbowed me. He thought she meant that I like it that way, so he said, "Sometimes Germans do, though, don't they?"

I wanted to clue him in afterwards, but he just left as soon as he was done. Then Jenny, Seppl, and I walked all the way home because the next train wasn't for 35 minutes. The train beat us.

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  1. Oh this was very funny. And I bet if you did explain to the guide about being Mormon, he probably wouldn't believe you. lol