25 January 2009

More Random Links and Videos

How about Google's new favicon? It still throws me off when digging through my tabs.

Four fingers to play the piano? Wow.

Scrabble keyboard.

The 80s are back never went away.

This website makes me laugh, though it might be a little harsh. If I were to make one, I would add something about a snaggle tooth in there.

I can't stop watching this and laughing:

I like this bag.

I like this short photo review of Obama's people. Did you see that there's a 24-year-old? What about the two guys with scary-looking eyes? I loved the inauguration speech though it seemed contradictory to talk about ending the war immediately and then conquering anyone who tries to fight us. (Isn't that what started the war? And is quitting conquering?) I'm still looking forward to seeing what big changes the next four to eight years will bring.

Two little kids wanted to elope to Africa. What's amazing about this story (to me) is that they're German. That means they're talking about marriage at least 30 years too early. ;)

Speaking of Africa, I don't know why I think this is so amazing, but a pet lion?

Avant-garde East German music?

I've almost survived January, though there are challenges yet to come: a friend is moving back to Ohio this week, I've got to start writing my papers, and I need to make some expensive decisions. Wish me luck!