23 January 2009

McDonald's to Your Door

Well, McDonald's seems to be coming up everywhere recently. One blog writer had to defend herself when someone else made fun of her love for McDonald's.

I already posted about McDonald's being loved in Germany though it's somehow despised as being nastily American.

And then my consumerism class fought about it for a while last Saturday.

So when I was chatting with a friend who said he wanted to go to McDonald's, I jokingly said he should get me something. (Jokingly, because he lives an hour and a half away.)

Well, look what I got in the mail two days later.

I giggled. I laughed. I thought of my dad sending my mom a new antenna topper thingamajig from "Wiener World." I took a look at the cheeseburger and stuck it in the fridge. And then, I started debate. Had it been cold enough in the mailbox? Would I die of food poisoning?

I ate it. And kept laughing. Thanks, Aaron!


  1. I don't care what the world says - I really like their $.89 hamburger.

  2. There is such a thing? Aaron paid a Euro. Maybe he was talking about with shipping. Yeah right.

  3. oh man that is sick. You really ate it? I mean, I have nothing against McDonald's, but ugh. How did it taste?

  4. It's true. Those things are half preservatives.

    As long as they have indoor playplaces to take my kids on rainy days I will eat there. =)

  5. Oh my. This made me laugh so hard! This Aaron kid sounds like a winner! Who thinks of this stuff. I will be sending you Burger King Michelle and you can compare :)

  6. That is hilarious! I like McDonald's chipotle bbq snack wraps, mmmmm.

  7. I never eat there but I do like the quarter pounders. Or their apple pies are 50 cents which is a great deal.

  8. Hilarious! I can't believe you ate it, but I guess if it was cold enough...and hey, you didn't get sick!

    I am not a huge McDonald's fan (unlike my husband who LOVES it!), but I do like their fruit and yogurt parfaits and a hot fudge sundae, of course!

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!