16 July 2007

More Garage Projects

A long, long time ago, I can still remember when Mom bought a green filing cabinet with the intent to sand and re-paint. Since then it has been hidden behind other intended projects in the garage (yes, the garage that I cleaned out a few months ago).

Today I dragged it out onto a tarp, approved the type of sand paper, unscrewed the handles, and went to work. After sanding every little nook and cranny, being covered with green paint dust, and feeling like I had the green lung, I declared the project ready for the next step: painting. Mom's turn. I hope she actually does it. And soon. Then we can organize all the music, especially the music that I accidentally sprayed an enormous, wiggly spider into yesterday . . .

Oh, by the way. I listened to Elbow's Cast of Thousands album while I worked. Add it to your list.

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