24 April 2007

The Garage, Garbage, and Smudges

Although this may be a subject uninteresting to most people, I spent a lot of hours on it, so deal with it, folks. I cleaned out the garage. Not only was it disorganized, it was DIRTY. And here's proof of both:

While cleaning the garage, I found many lost treasures: burlap bags falling to smitherines ("They're for potato races!" Mom yelled when asked), a hole where that creature that scrabbles around in my ceiling must have gotten in, Mom's wedding flowers, and an unopened box of Girl Scout cookies (garage fuzzies included) that was obviously hidden at one time to avoid them being eaten before someone's chance arrived. Among other things.

So, in order for you to see the benefits of Mom's new, full-time maid, here is the "after" picture:


  1. Did you clean the garage in your bare feet?

  2. The garage was cleaned in flip flops, which had to be scrubbed down with cucumber melon soap afterwards.

  3. P.S. The garage is already being abused. Things are getting put in there and they are piling up.

  4. Said abuse being returning things to the garage that were there before because they look better there than in the dining area. You have to admit that at least they were stacked neatly. It still looks pretty darn good!

  5. I love girl scout cookies, no matter how old. Yum.

    By the way, now that I have a garage of my own, I have discovered that a garage can collect things on its own. I swear I have to declutter it weekly.