30 November 2009

November's Links to Love


Cutest wedding ever.

New York Skyline by an autistic artist.

Cute postcards (I like the blue the best).

"Hey Jude" flowchart

I love these dots sewed on paper.

This woman made her own book 35 times. That's a lot of work.

Beautiful Sharpie-d walls.

Beautiful art project paper castle

Origami money faces with hats.

Have you ever gotten a beautifully-folded love letter? I can only think of those awful notes we passed in junior high. Oh man.

Lady Gaga before she was scary and when she was more Nora Jones-ish (yeah, I didn't know who she was anyway until I looked her up):

Blue Skies:

Drew Danburry Loves Lynette:


The oldest dog in the world, Otto

Tips for families on how to be TV owners (when TVs were still novel). My advice: don't own a TV.

Not my body. Blech to the veggies.

Do you know how much sugar is in what you eat? These sugar cubes show you.

List of odd motherhoods.

Slideshow of life behind the Berlin Wall.

Look at this sight gag from No Caption Needed. It maps out the seven deadly sins in America.


Temple Square panoramas

What Latter-day Saint Men Should Know (1914).

My Love for Technology:

Footage of Anne Frank is now on YouTube.

This website, Still Tasty, tells you all about knowing if your food is still good or not.

Google four times in one window: http://googlegooglegooglegoogle.com/

Online therapy--with that once again repeating theme that writing is therapeutic.

Google Parisian Love:


Did you know Ayn Rand's editors asked her to cut the long John Galt speech, and she said, "Would you cut the Bible?"

Kerouac's writing tips.

A favorite short story of mine, by Flannery O'Connor: Good Country People.

East German jokes explained.

Allen Ginsberg's mind-writing slogans.


  1. how come the postcards don't have a 5 on them?

  2. that book thing is way cool. i've worked with a lot of those machines.

  3. I've just started to look at a few of those links and I love them! Thanks so much for putting them up. I like your style.

  4. Oddest moms? Creepy. Google Parisian love? Very cool. Glad you finally got around to reading some of your tabs.