02 December 2009

My Life is Average

A few weeks ago, I noticed that I had a blank post-it note on the side of my shelf, surrounded by many other filled notes. I had no idea why it was there but left it and forgot about it. Last Friday, a friend of mine suddenly needed a place to shower in Leipzig, so I gave him my keys. Later, when I got home, I found a thank you note from him on my desk. I thought, "I wonder where he found this paper?" Later, he told me, "I was looking around for somewhere to write you a thank you note, and I found this random blank post-it note on your shelf!" Inspiration.

These are the kinds of stories that I've been reading every day ever since I discovered MLIA, My Life Is Average. They make me so happy.


  1. Today I read your blog. I like the story, even better I had to check blogs right in the middle of studying for finals and spent at least an hour at MLIA because of you're post. I blame you. MLIA