29 November 2009

Charly's Baptism


This is Charly. When I first saw him, I was playing the piano for the primary children at a harvest church activity at the end of October, and he walked in. I thought, "Wow, who is that? He must work at a bank." (Bank employees here always dress a bit nicer than the average person.)

During the course of the evening, I introduced myself to him and found out he is from Wurzburg and that he just started studying law in Leipzig (meaning he doesn't work at a bank). Somehow we got to talking about how much we love books. That made our conversation continue for about an hour and we immediately felt like we had a strong connection because we were both impressed with the authors we both knew. Later he asked if I played the piano, and just about died when the answer was yes.

After that, Charly and I saw each other a lot, meeting for food, church activities, and appointments with the sisters. When he decided to get baptized, I was elated. Then my tonsillectomy was scheduled for the week of the baptism, so Charly changed his baptism date so I could be there. I have hoped and prayed for an opportunity like this for so long. I love the Gospel so much and I want everyone to share that love.

Today was the big day. I played the piano for the program and Charly gave a testimony (okay, it was a speech), that brought question marks to some foreheads and friendly laughter to some mouths.

Here are the clean, clean, clean boy and I:

Charly and Michelle after his baptism 29. Nov. 2009

Happy first advent!

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