25 October 2008

Good News! (Delayed by Beauty and Internet Fun)

Lots of good news!

I got my new passport. Although I'm kind of sad about starting over my collection of stamps from different countries, I was a bit jealous when I saw my family's new passports in 2007. They're pretty cool. I didn't realize how fat they are, though. I just hope they're waterproof. :)

A good friend was in town yesterday and we got to meet up for an hour.

I'm ready to take the practice literature GRE test tonight!

I invited a woman to church and she was really excited. After I told her that church was an hour, she said, "Only an hour?" So I told her she could come to Sunday School and Relief Society too.

Okay, the next good news is so exciting to me that I just have to wait til the end. So first, some awesome internet fun!

Here you can choose combinations of colors and Flickr will find matching photos with those colors. The collage of images with dominant colors gives me different but beautiful feelings. Check out these ones:

Reds, greens, and pale lavenders:

Blues, grays, browns, and blacks:

Browns, grays, pale yellows, and peaches:

Here's a cool site where you arrange colors by hue and get scored on it. My results:

Look at pictures of a nifty gothic-revival synagogue (4th oldest in the U.S.), as well as related works of architecture.

Can you guess who these pictures of younger prophets and general authorities of the Church are?

And, finally, my really good news! I got accepted into a conference in Istanbul! Wahoooooooooooooooey! That means a lot of work for me before December; in addition to finally taking this crazy Literature GRE test (which, by the way, I've gathered a ton of material for studying, if anyone wants it), finishing and sending in my applications, and writing my Master's thesis proposal, I've got to actually write the paper that I proposed for this conference.


  1. I think you should tell people that you are going to a conference in Constantinople.

  2. Gute Idee. :) Even old New York was once New Amsterdam. Why they changed it I can't say--people just liked it better that way.

  3. Congratulations! What's the conference for?

    I tried the color test a few days ago, I got a 6 my first try and then Chris got a 4, so I had to beat him. I eventually beat him by getting a 2. I think I could play that color matching test for hours. I love organizing the boxes into pretty rainbows.