23 October 2008

Airlines, Eyeballing, and the Environment

I just looked up a flight to Salt Lake for a friend of mine, around Christmas time, and the price looked like nothing at $782. However, looking at my bank account, it looks like nothing too.

Mom, you would be awesome at this eyeballing game. Here are my results. Not bad.

Also, if you're Mormon, please take this survey about LDS viewpoints concerning the environment:



  1. OH my gosh! I was awful at that eyeballing game! OOps!

  2. I can't figure out how to comment on your election post... Well anyway, I disagree with you on the abortion issue.

    "Accidents" do happen... I don't think it's realistic for most people to wait until marriage. Personally, I would not hesitate to abort a child if I would get pregnant now that I'm not married and still in school. I don't think I'd have much to offer to that child.

    And also, what about rape and incest victims? You think they made a bad choice too?

    I don't think there's anything great about giving birth to babies and then giving them to adoption just to make a point, when there are so many children already in this world who need homes and parents.

    But most of all, I think it's an individual's choice and I don't think it's realistic to force people into having babies they don't want or can't afford. Especially in the US, where everyone's more or less on their own when it comes to health care.

    So yeah... I actually read your post a while back, but couldn't get over the fact that you said that. I'm sure it's mostly cultural (religious) differences. I'm sure we agree to disagree :)

  3. Hi Vilja, you're right, it is a cultural/religious difference that we'll have to agree to disagree on. I purposely took off comments on that post because I didn't want to get into debates about political opinions as I find them endlessly circular and tiring.

    I don't think it can be described as an "accident" when the people made a decision to have sex. Everyone knows that sex can lead to a baby. In today's world, it's not realistic to expect people to be faithful to their future spouse. But that's a tragedy and I expect that of myself and my future spouse.

    I absolutely agree that rape and incest victims have a different story. In their case, they didn't make the choice to have sex.

    You say that it's an individual's choice and we shouldn't force them to have a baby they don't want or can't afford. Except for the rape/incest case, they already made used their freedom of choice. What is happening to the world that we don't expect responsibility for our actions anymore?

    Of course, these are complicated issues. I'm just grateful to know what I know about families and God's plan and hope you don't look down on me for it. Like you said, agree to disagree.