08 May 2008


Tough week. Yesterday to relax a little, Mike and I watched a German film called Barfuss or "Barefoot" (while scarfing down pizza, juice, strawberry candies, and pudding). It was wonderful. The music was especially impressive and I hope to get a copy. One of the characters is played by a famous German actor, Til Schweiger. If you can get hold of this movie, watch it. Just beware, there are a couple of short parts which you'll want to fast forward. (That kind of is expected in German movies, which is sad.)

This is the stack of things I must read/underline/correct/grade/analyze/write papers about for the next week of classes (next week is off for Pentecost). Don't ask me why I'm headed to Möhnesee (near Dortmund) for canoing and a football tournament this weekend. Notice the trusty Granite Credit Union pen used to show you how much there really is:

Here's a great article I read about the Catholic records thing.

And Tanya reminded me that I never posted a picture of the outside of my apartment building. Here it is, pretty exciting. You can at least see the . . . what is that called in English? The stuff they put on the outside of a building when they're doing construction. You can see that on the neighboring house, which I think will be eternal construction. I live in the third one up, which is considered the second floor here, not the third. (Ground floor, first, second, etc., instead of first, second, etc.) You can't see my window because it's on the other side of the building. Maybe I'll post that side some day.

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  1. I have so many good memories of those Granite Credit Union pens.