09 October 2007

Construction on Könneritzstrasse

When I checked out the apartment I'm at, one of the first things I did was look out the window. I was glad to see that the room was on the back side (away from the street with the tram) and that I could see a bit of greenery. As a rumble burst from the under-construction building next door, I smiled happily, knowing that

1. Most house building doesn't occur earlier than 8 and later than 6 and

2. I'm a morning person. (I'm sleeping while they're not working.)

However, because I've stayed up late watching conference the last couple of nights, I was pleasantly amused intrigued to find that every few seconds this morning I was re-awoken by a jackhammer sound, boards and scrap metal falling and hitting things on their way, and some sort of debris flowing for up to a minute at a time. When I finally decided it wasn't worth it to keep trying to sleep again, I got up, opened the window, and filmed this (I forgot about Mac's inability to turn videos, whoopsy):

I even saw an old lady with gloves on and pristine hair drop a bunch of boards from the top floor and noted with delight that she had really bad aim.

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