15 December 2007

Christmas Music

I am kicking myself for not putting all or at least some of our Christmas CDs on my computer before I took off for Germany. Nothing says "Christmas" like 24 hours of Christmas music a day. (Okay, and family and friends too.) I am limited to the Leipzig Choir Christmas CD from 2004 and Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas CD, both of which are great, but you know how I'm against repeating songs too much. However, my favorite Christmas song is "O Holy Night," and my favorite version is Mariah Carey's. (Who knew it was possible to sing that high anyway? Only dogs, I believe. For more info about Mariah Carey, read here.) I've mourned for several years that "O Holy Night" does not appear in the church song book, but maybe then it wouldn't be as special.

I'm fortunate to have YouTube to help me out. I've found some awesome things, including Michael Buble, MoTab, Sissel, Jon Schmidt, BNL and Sarah McLachlan's "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman", Josh Groban, and this guy who should be making CDs if he isn't already:

If I were to buy Christmas music right now, it might very well be this:


  1. Josh Groban's Christmas CD gets my vote. I just got it two days ago and I can only say it's indescribably amazing! You can copy all our CDs - including Nat King Cole when you come in February so you'll have them next Christmas. XOXOXO

  2. Oh Michelle... Have you heard of Sufjan Stevens?? They're a fabulous Christian band, and he's written his own Christmas music (like 30 songs!). Anyway, Check it out...