15 December 2007

Bike Ride (That's the Title of My First Memorized Piano Piece)

Today I conquered my fear of riding my bicycle. Well, kind of. I cheated a little and took the way that went along the river, meaning I avoided traffic, which is what I'm really afraid of. I guess what I really did was

A. discover that the bike is a junker (beggars can't be choosers),
B. see some really pretty parts of Leipzig (see pics),
C. conquer my muscles, and
D. see blessings in the form of friends.

It took me thirty minutes longer to get there than was estimated by my friend who was kind enough to give me directions, but when football is involved, I'm not to be stopped.

After football (which involved an intense moment while we all stared in shock at Frank's completely bent pinky until an investigator who is studying medicine came over and shoved it in place as if it was nothing), I continued northwest on the street until I got to Schkeuditz. There the Skibbes (Markus's sister's family) and Müllers treated me like a queen. They let me shower and fed me lunch. Then (I am really blessed) Phillipp fixed the broken brake, greased the gears, and lowered the seat of the bike for me. He even caused me to have a good gut-bursting, non-breathing, five-minute laugh when he tried to change the gears while riding the bike and was surprised to have the pedal explode forward quite noisily each round. (He asked, "You rode this all the way to Schkeuditz?!?!") I got to run around with Elaine for a few minutes, show Markus's mom how to email Markus, and hear Seppl play some guitar. To top it off, Jule managed to get the junker of a bike into her car and drove me home on her way to Relief Society.

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  1. Speaking of Bike Ride, I've watched your first performance of it several times in a row now. You've come a long way since then.