28 May 2007

From President Monson to Sister Oberg

President Monson showed up during the first hymn yesterday at the rest home. I was playing the piano, so I just saw a tall guy enter and at first thought it was one of the singles ward guys who has come before. Then there was this sound behind me that I can't explain, and I knew it was President Monson. The branch presidency had decided to spontaneously sing a song, unpracticed. It looked like something I could handle. They invited President Monson to sing with them, but he laughed and said something that had the tone that meant, "No way! Good luck brethren, heh heh!" They sung really well for not having practiced. He said, "The Mormon Tabernacle Choir awaits you!" I love President Monson.

President Monson made the meeting go way over, but he told interesting stories as usual. Some of the guys left early, and I wondered if they had as good of an excuse to leave as I did: to play the piano in Relief Society. However, I favor the rest home over Relief Society because I know that at least one other person can play the piano in R.S., but I'm not so sure about the rest home. Anyway, Pres. Monson spoke about all sorts of things: deciphering between Tongans and Samoans to give them the right greeting, Tongan stake presidents visiting his home and smashing the couch to the floor, visiting some islands only to discover the welcoming committee had slept in (so he was told to get back on the boat to be welcomed), being miraculously able to speak at all 87 widows' funerals, and being shown a cemetery with thousands of white crosses of servicemen from WW2. He spoke of a woman who lost four out of her five sons to the war, and another woman who asked him if her son Arthur would live again, and how he spoke about it in conference later. Although not a member, she was invited to watch conference with her neighbor during that session and heard his talked entitled, "Mrs. Patton, Arthur will live again." I wasn't sure where he was going with all this, then he said, "It's hard to lose loved ones. Since it's Memorial Day tomorrow, let's remember those who have passed on for our freedom. But above all, let's not forget the other Son who died that our lives would be tolerable." Awesome.

Sister Oberg gave her departing mission talk. She told everyone about shelf reading and cash services and other things. She butchered the name of the unit, but most people do. I loved to hear things that Sister Neish and Sister Barton had said. The bishop read a letter from President Waddoups. Not working at the Library has been a lot like my graduating from college: it just seems like an extended summer and that it will start up again soon.


  1. Don't go back in the fall! Don't do it.

  2. Don't worry, I won't go back to the FHL. The whole reason I left was to go on with other plans.