27 May 2007


So, you probably noticed that the last entry was not at 2:26. I tried three times. The first post was 2:24, the second was 2:27, and the third was 2:27. (I erased the other two.) That's what you get for having spotty internet.

I thought some more about the prodigal son's brother today. My sister Sica told me last week that her teacher had talked about some of the awful things her sister had done and how it would be hard for her to forgive her if she came back. I decided that if Sica strayed off the path and came back, I would welcome her back and want her to have the same rewards I had. (Other people may not be so easy, especially if they still seemed proud to me. Alas, that is my problem.)

What about the parable of the widow who asks the judge to avenge her wrongdoers, and he helps, lest she keep bugging him? I think at first it looks like we should pester the Lord. But then I was thinking, if we are ever calling on His name, we build a relationship that is priceless in desperate times of need.

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