05 February 2015

Christmas in Utah

We enjoyed two whole weeks in Utah for Christmas. It was really great to spend time with friends and family members we haven't seen for a while.

Nestle Loves Wendy's photo 2014-12-18224325-1_zpse8536cac.jpg
Nestlé enjoying a Wendy's bag

Uncle Mike and Dad photo 2014-12-20170254_zpse7dc8277.jpg
Watching football with family

Snowshoeing photo 2014-12-23145926_zpscbebb478.jpg
Snowshoeing in Big Cottonwood Canyon

Basketball at the church photo 2014-12-23102804_zps9120b850.jpg
Morning basketball at the church (Michael made 46 free throws in a row the first day and the next days fewer—maybe practice doesn't make perfect?)

Michael and Michelle with Amos at the JSMB photo 2014-12-22175425_zps053569c5.jpg
Temple Square visit (JSMB)

Glauser Christmas Decor photo 2014-12-23220740_zps60b96b3a.jpg
Result of Christmas tree decorating and cutting of snowflakes

Santasia and Dad photo 2014-12-24201716_zpsd64ffb1c.jpg
Christmas Eve Glauser party with "Santasia"

Reed and Edith Glauser Children photo IMG_0330_zpsae08dcb0.jpg
My paternal aunts and uncles with my dad (think the guys match much?)

Glauser Family Pictures photo GlauserFamily2014_zps2489c847.jpg
Family pictures

Popular Michael at Family Pictures photo 2014-12-26175956_zps3fb22e65.jpg

Michael and Miles at Grandma Wolstenholme's House photo 2014-12-25152259_zps8fa9aacd.jpg
Nephew time

Driving to Bountiful With Chicken Snow photo 2014-12-25135405-2_zpsee324d10.jpg
Michael driving in the snow (notice the snow chicken hanging out on the wiper)

OnePlus One Phone photo 2014-12-27140023_zps55a96d0a.jpg
Michael's enormous new phone, the OnePlus One

Uncle Scott's Woodshop photo UncleScott_zps876b2790.jpg
Making a wooden sign at Uncle Scott's wood shop

Sänd photo 2014-12-23215056_zps334cb704.jpg
Getting a cube made of Sänd to last for many days

Michael's First NBA Game photo 2014-12-27185815_zps67bfbd53.jpg

Michael's First NBA Game photo 2014-12-27190709_zps764fffee.jpg
Michael's first NBA game (courtesy of the Andersons, thanks!)

Bernese Mountain Dog Magic photo Berner_zpseb0619ce.jpg
Bernese Mountain Dog Hudson magic (thanks, Mark)

New Air Mattress photo 2015-01-01054752_zps63d4fd9b.jpg
Trying out the new air mattress and organizing my dad's stuff in his office

Showing Amos the joy of snow

Sledding with Amos photo 2014-12-27160838_zpsc0f94c96.jpg

(No picture.)
Late-night bowling with Sica, word games with my family, visits with Betsy and Melissa and Peggy and others . . .
So, as you can see, we had quite an enjoyable time. Thanks for having us, Mom and Dad!


  1. Did you get a digital perm in Utah? Where did you go and how much did it cost?

  2. Nope, it was in Shanghai. I haven't heard of anywhere in Utah that does digital perms, but San Francisco and L.A. have several places that do them and it's usually $250 or more.