14 January 2015

The Last Two Months of 2014

What special things (besides Kitchit and Thanksgiving and job stuff) did we do in November and December? I'm glad that you asked . . .

Hult Prize photo 2014-12-06122322_zps12f5d052.jpg
Michael participated in Hult Prize again, this time with an idea to incentivize early childhood education in slums.

Ree Drummond's Bolognese Spaghetti Sauce photo 2014-11-29190637_zps6635bffe.jpg
We made wine-less Ryan's Bolognese Sauce and declared it a winner.

Michael with Gavin photo IMG_448885324PM_zpsaef4ee7e.jpg
We finally met our friends' baby, Gavin.

Michael's Bike Crash Injury photo 2014-11-24201245_zpsefd15fed.jpg
Michael crashed his bike in the Broadway Tunnel. It took some persuasion each day for him to let me put Neosporin and bandages all over his knees.

New Wedding Ring photo 2014-11-11155616_zps8db27246.jpg
I got my new ring (made of white gold this time) on the same day that I woke up with sore, swollen finger joints for some unknown reason, so it took me a few days of turmeric ginger tea and Ibuprofen to get the new ring on.

LinkedIn DevelopHer Hack Day photo IMG_0916_zpse45f89d1.jpg
I went to LinkedIn's DevelopHer Hack Day in Sunnyvale.

San Jose State Football Game photo 2014-11-15151543_zps3b18bc85.jpg
Then we went to see the San Jose State Warriors Sica at San Jose State. It was so cute to see Amos go straight to Michael to stay warm.

Sica at San Jose State Football Game photo 2014-11-15163206_zps431d3a03.jpg
Sica looks great in that shade of blue and watching her every move during the game was really fun (and easy, since her hair makes her so visible). She even let us go back to her office for a bit after the game.

Michael's Movember Results photo 2014-12-01230318_zps6875b2d2.jpg
This is the final result of Michael growing out his facial hair for Movember.

Cat Watching photo 2014-12-12102340_zps7216ecbb.jpg
While our friends missed a very windy, very rainy week in San Francisco, we checked in on their cat, Mimi.

Christmas Creche in Palo Alto photo 2014-12-09190739_zpsabe693bd.jpg
Since we'd never been to the Christmas Creche exhibit in Palo Alto, we took Caltrain down to see it and were glad to see these smiling faces there for a bit as well.

Hackbright Demo Night photo 2014-12-10202724_zps3c6762fb.jpg
The latest Hackbright Demo Night was fabulously inspiring, as usual. It's so great to see what ideas women have and how far they get with their projects in just five weeks.

Christmas Pepper Basil Tofu photo 2014-12-11180426_zps609c82f6.jpg
I've been trying out some Thai recipes and the Christmas colors in this pepper basil tofu recipe made me happy (as did the delicious taste thereof).

Mint Truffle Kisses! photo 2014-11-25104759_zpsba059f6e.jpg
I was so excited to see Christmas candy at the store, because these mint chocolate truffle kisses are amazing (and I don't say that lightly, because I don't really like most Hershey's products).

Christmas Decor photo 2014-12-05164411_zps96e84cfc.jpg
Here's one view of our Christmas-ready apartment.

Vacation Time photo 2014-12-18153351_zps0da229eb.jpg
When our fridge looked like this, it was time for our Christmas vacation.

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