13 March 2015

Short New Haircut

Since my mom was in town recently and I had been thinking of finally getting a sophisticated new 'do after so many years with long hair (seriously, it's been like 10 years), I went ahead and had her cut off about 12 inches. It still feels weird, but I like the change.

Here I am, pre- and post-haircut:

Pre-Haircut and Post-Haircut photo 2015Haircut_zpshsvvtfwh.jpg

Here are the ~11 inches of hair that I'll be donating:

12 Inches of Hair to Donate photo 2015-03-10 21.00.12_zpswpiwyjlq.jpg

I guess this means that 1: I actually have to do something with my hair besides a ponytail every day, and 2: I'll have to fight more with my cowlick than I'm used to because of the lost hair weight.

The first day after the haircut, I didn't really know what to do with my hair. I tried flipping it out slightly, but the way it looked made me think, "this is hair done by a person with long hair who doesn't know how to do non-long hair", so I tried curling it under with a straightener, and that seemed like a pretty good option, so I guess that's what I'll be sticking with:

New Hair photo 2015-03-11 12.40.59_zpsftarfkdc.jpg

(Wow, my hair looks really red in that picture, doesn't it?)

Thanks, Mom!


  1. So cute! Answered my facebook question by reading your post. Try a large boar bristle brush to round brush, with some root booster and pommade to tame fly-aways. :)

    1. Thanks for the tips! I'll have to buy that stuff and try it out!