13 January 2015

Kitchit Tonight Dinner Party

I recently had the opportunity to try out Kitchit, so I booked a Kitchit Tonight dinner party. If you haven't heard of Kitchit, basically, they'll send a chef to your house to prepare a meal in your kitchen so you can just enjoy a fresh, professionally-made dinner with your friends at home. Even though I love to cook, I've noticed that for some reason when I make dinner for a bunch of friends, I can't really taste or appreciate my efforts because I'm so distracted by everything I need to do and all of the people around me, so having someone else take care of the meal-planning, shopping, cooking, and clean-up sounded amazing to me. Also, since I don't know much about vegan cooking and I was planning on having some vegan friends over, I was happy to book a unique, delicious-looking vegan meal.

Unfortunately, there were a few minutes the evening of the party when Michael and I were making emergency back-up plans because we hadn't heard from our chef, but it turned out that he was sick and another chef was on his way. All I did was get all the kitchen supplies out so Josh wouldn't have to figure out where everything was, and when he arrived, he took over while I enjoyed talking to our guests.

Kitchit Appetizers photo 
I liked the presentation of the menus. I don't think that this appetizer was part of the plan, so it was really thoughtful of Chef Josh to bring something for us to munch on while he prepared the food.

Kitchit Black Kale Salad photo 2014-11-23184158_zps6ee07072.jpg
Black kale salad with pomegranate seeds and unpeeled delicata squash, yum!

Kitchit Celery Root Pasta photo 2014-11-23190631_zps907601fd.jpg
The celery root "pasta" was great. I was barely able to finish it all after such a big salad and the appetizers. Of course, though, there's always room for dessert, right?

The pumpkin cake with maple glaze was so good that we forgot to get a picture of it. :)

KitchitTonight photo 2014-11-23190703_zps1a840159.jpg Each item on the menu was amazingly flavorful, healthy, and nicely presented. We were all very impressed.

Josh was really quiet about washing, drying, and putting away the dishes, and when he left he gave us a Kitchit bottle to keep. The price of Kitchit is a bit steep for me, but I would consider very occasionally booking with Kitchit again because of how very delicious and how convenient it was. Thanks, Kitchit!

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