13 December 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving was great. We invited some nearby family members and some friends from Hult. Here's a video about our holiday for your enjoyment:

Thanksgiving Schedule photo 2014-11-27182229_zps529356da.jpg
I carefully made a Thanksgiving Day schedule the night before Thanksgiving so we'd know exactly when to start what and when we'd have time for a walk. It was pretty fun to teach our guests (some of whom had never celebrated Thanksgiving before) how to make the food.

We made our first (and perhaps last, turkey?). I just couldn't get over how disgusting it was to have a large dead bird in our kitchen.

Thanksgiving Turkey photo 2014-11-26161106_zps71ce8a71.jpg
Michael bought latex gloves just to do the dirty bird work.

Raw Thanksgiving Turkey photo 2014-11-27122208_zps55e3d111.jpg
Michael remarked more than once that it was like a headless baby. Yep.

Thanksgiving Turkey in the Oven photo 2014-11-27123555_zpsfd00b31e.jpg
Since the apple was the last thing to be shoved into the bird, we laughed because it looked like the turkey was trying to poop an apple.

Thanksgiving Day Walk at Lafayette Park photo 2014-11-27140622_zps5a4d2812.jpg
While the dough for the potato rolls was rising, we went for a walk to Lafayette Park and enjoyed the great weather and view of Alcatraz in front of Danielle Steel's house.

Thanksgiving Feast photo 2014-11-27170901_zps7a1a09b2.jpg
Eventually everything was done: mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, turkey, green beans, and stuffing.

 photo 5e8a69a7-577f-46d7-9f43-60e4cb874462_zpsf4f2689c.jpg
We got to try out our new extendable table (a Craigslist IKEA special).

Even though the turkey was so much work, I didn't have any until it ended up in turkey rice soup two weeks later. I'm all about the stuffing!

By the time most guests had left, I was too exhausted to stand up or doing anything besides eat leftover pie. Luckily Claire and Julia came to the rescue with their dish-washing skills.

Like I said, we had a great Thanksgiving!

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