23 June 2014

Missing Keira

Last year, my friend Keira was diagnosed with aggressive, late-stage cancer. I donated to the fundraiser for her to seek alternative treatment and then checked her Facebook page every single day, not wanting to interfere, but hoping to hear good news. When she and her fiance found the courage and strength to be married, I cried—for the beauty of their love even in her decline and for the goodbye that was looking inevitable.

Unfortunately, the cancer took her life in August. Dang it. I hate that. She was one of those wonderful people with sparkly eyes that should always shine; do you know what I mean? I was so impressed with her from the first time I met her (not to mention that I was jealous of her beautiful curly hair) that I thought of lining her up with my brother. She was often soft-spoken, but that didn't mean she wasn't confident. She was sporty and smart, she was passionate about healthy living, and after working very hard (and even adjusting Michael a few times), she had just become a chiropractor.

Fremont Relief Society photo FremontReliefSociety_zpsaaec5619.jpgAt this Relief Society activity, none of us knew what the next two years would bring. Wonderful Autumn was also diagnosed with cancer after this picture was taken, but she made it through.

I was going through some pictures in September and found several of Keira at our California wedding preception. She was such a beautiful person and I felt so sad about her losing her life. I left those pictures open for months so that every single time I opened Preview, I would see them and remember her light.

Keira Talking to My Parents photo bmikeampmichelle-3745_zpsd5cc5e3a.jpg

Keira Talking to Autumn photo mikeampmichelle-3634_zpsff73ae84.jpg

Keira at Our Reception with Her Future Husband photo mikeampmichelle-3690_zps6705bc18.jpg
She brought her future husband, Anthony, to our reception. Good-looking couple. :)

And then, when I was having trouble logging in to Facebook on a Chinese computer in Hong Kong, Facebook offered me the option of identifying friends, and guess who came up? I guess Facebook made a great choice, because Keira's is a face I will never forget.

Keira on Facebook photo 2013-09-28151435_zps9df0e32e.jpg

Today would have been Keira's 32nd birthday. I wish I could see her or even just text her today and catch up on what she and Anthony are up to. She was such a beautiful light and I miss her. Happy birthday, Keira.


  1. I don't think I ever got the opportunity to meet her, but I did grow up with Anthony - The love that they shared was so rare & true, their actions absolutely humbled me & my husband. Such a wonderful couple to look up - and such a beautiful religion we have to hold onto.