08 May 2014

Fashion in China

Fashion in China is very interesting. Not that I am a very fashionable individual myself (I mostly just want to be comfortable).

Interesting Combo photo 2013-09-27143226_zpsbbabbaba.jpg
Mixing patterns: yes.

Even Another Chinese Woman is Intrigued by This Fashion photo 2014-01-15123745_zpsc99e9ef0.jpg
That is a lot of different patterns in one outfit. Even the woman next to her is intrigued.

Harem Pants photo 2013-11-14160433_zps30eba77a.jpg
Crazy harem pants on a man.

Matching Couples photo 2013-09-28170946_zps502d93fe.jpg
Couples that dress together stay together.

Weird Pajamas photo 2013-10-11134732_zps7aaefcca.jpg
Not only do people wear full-on pajama sets, they wear them in public.

Puffy Winter Outfit photo ScreenShot2013-12-06at14252PM_zps72b4d451.png

Fur photo 2013-10-03135356_zpsa0f744c5.jpg
Add ruffles, lace, or fur to anything and it WILL be better.

Doctor Slippers photo ScreenShot2013-12-06at32536PM_zps19f33baf.png
These look like doctor surgery shoes to me.

Forward Hairdo photo 2013-10-03145716_zps7d474dfd.jpg

Forward Hairdo photo 2013-10-03160357_zps9c135957.jpg
The guys in China are loving this forward-combed hairdo.

Fancy Bras photo 2013-10-03141755_zpsc03bdce0.jpg
Frilly underwear.

Cute Little Taobao Stores photo 2013-09-14203426_zps19e017ea.jpg

Greens photo 2013-09-29194845_zps6a221a55.jpg
There are definitely some lovely clothes that make me think of my sister Heidi.

Flats photo 2013-09-28175330_zps8e38854a.jpg

Flats photo 2013-09-28175256_zps5f32893f.jpg
Lots of cheap flats!

The Flats are Cute photo 2013-09-27145520_zps59d0ad7f.jpg
The shoes are the redeeming factor in this outfit, IMHO.

Plastic Shoes photo 2013-09-27174235_zpsf91e269c.jpg
Crocs/rubber shoes.

Hidden Heel Shoes photo goldshoe_zps98e3b249.jpg
Shoes with hidden heels. Their shape kind of reminds me of the old footbinding shoes.

 photo 2013-09-20151051_zps2b7ec4c6.jpg
Fringe and weird shoes.

Ruffles and Stripes photo 2013-09-14201104_zps7bb702c3.jpg
Cute ruffle and button detail on the pants.

 photo 2013-09-20222722_zps6c24ee47.jpg
Bowler-looking tassel shoes.

Flowery Nylon Socks on Men photo 2013-09-27125908_zpsc158a0be.jpg
Men wear nylon socks with designs and a lot of runs.

T-shirt under Sleeveless Top photo 2014-02-15110426_zps96006438.jpg
T-shirts under something sleeveless: not just a Utah thing. (Honestly, I've always liked this look, though I know people like to make fun of it.)

 photo 2014-01-13160924_zps18cec142.jpg
I nearly bought this reindeer cardigan. Cute, right?

Jumpsuit photo jumpsuit_zps9010fc25.jpg
I'm loving the jumpsuits that are back in. They look so comfy.

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  1. I like how colorful everything is! Very different from what I see in France. Though I am not sure why anyone, male or female, would wear harem pants. Aren't sweats just as comfy, without making your bottom look saggy?