07 May 2014


I've gathered all my Engrish photos for you.

Vertical Armrest photo 2014-03-07192623_zps1844cc49.jpg
A vertical armrest. I would probably call that a handle, and I'm not sure why that needs labeling, anyway.

Children steak—Engrish photo IMG_2500_zps1e80ef9b.jpg
Possibly cannibalistic "Children Steak."

Crispy Cattle Bang photo 2014-05-08115547_zps18c58385.jpg
"Crispy cattle bang."

Women's Boylegs—Engrish photo 2014-04-17100807_zps31295abc.jpg
"Snugly Attract Women's Boylegs."

A lot of Ls—Engrish photo 2014-03-10061938_zps4c9f8e16.jpg
"FULLLINK" has a lot of Ls for one company.

Demolition materials—Engrish photo ScreenShot2014-01-25at100921AM_zps083cfc0e.png
"Demolition materials" instead of "baking supplies."

Google Translate of Taobao—Engrish photo ScreenShot2014-01-24at21509PM_zpse07ad10c.png
I can't remember what the context of this translation was, but I'm pretty sure that the translation is way off.

Cookies—Engrish photo 2014-05-04215613_zpse41ac19f.jpg
I like cookies . . . but where are the cookies?

Oleo—Engrish photo 2014-05-04160924_zpsa70bec35.jpg
Oleo. Cookie.

Hair Dressing—Engrish photo 2014-01-24112248_zpscbfa750f.jpg
"Hair Dressing" for face wash and deodorant?

Noticeboayd—Engrish photo 2014-01-17220641_zps2d51bdb1.jpg

Peasant Groping—Engrish photo 2014-01-20165008_zps18ad8de3.jpg
"Peasant Groping." Oh my.

Mini Chief Handker—Engrish photo 2014-01-24112149_zps7976c8c1.jpg
"Mini Chief Handker."

Occupational Kills—Engrish photo 2013-12-07154451_zps667ba516.jpg
"Special occupational kills."

Dry mixing homely face—Engrish photo 2013-11-17182913_zpsbc979396.jpg
"Dry mixing homely face."

Keeping free roaming Eggs—Engrish photo 2013-11-05103848_zpsf1889eaf.jpg
"Keeping free roaming eggs."

Native Hens—Engrish photo 2013-11-05103854_zps24a39852.jpg
"Eggs of Native Hens."

Carefully Slide—Engrish photo 2013-10-27151826_zpsa7958f45.jpg
"Carefully slide."

Horse-Playing—Engrish photo 2013-09-29233153_zps14f42685.jpg

Charlie Charpin—Engrish photo 2013-09-27103857_zps0e6a7629.jpg

Do not go near—Engrish photo 2013-09-28135817_zps79ee84bb.jpg
"The paint is dry - do not go near."

Hamburg—Engrish photo 2013-09-27181801_zps556f9089.jpg
Anyone feel like a tall, juicy "Hamburg"?

Explosion-proof—Engrish photo 2013-09-27180002_zps13491ce4.jpg
"Explosion-proof check is in progress."

Fungus Dessert—Engrish photo 2013-09-28174145_zps3921330b.jpg
"Almond Cordial with Fungus Dessert," yum.

Dusbin—Engrish photo 2013-09-24200732_zpsfeacfb07.jpg
"Thrown the cigarette butts Into the dusbin, please."

Cooky—Engrish photo 2013-09-14184220_zps2377a06e.jpg
Maybe a "cooky" is a kooky cookie?

Pumpkin Speed photo 2014-05-11081910_zps338f325a.jpg
Pumpkin speed.

Crispy Cattle Bang photo 2014-05-08115547_zps419b3f42.jpg
Crispy cattle bang.

Dip your card in the slot—Engrish photo 2013-09-04135541_zps269b428a.jpg
"Please dip your card in the slot and take it out - so we can begin."

Chingrish photo 2014-05-11124234_zpse0381d3e.jpg
"Before Sunrise is one night stand and Before Sunset is absence makes the heart grow fonder, and then this film is totally couple stories. It takes almost 20years to finish them. Night years after the Before Sunset, Jesse and Celine settle in Paris, get married and have two twin daughters. Then some problems about the life and love begin to come out."

iFittest—Engrish photo 2013-09-03160406_zps021e2869.jpg
"Suruiual of the ifittest."

Execution—Engrish photo 2013-09-03160412_zps7bc065a9.jpg
Okay, not so much wrong as just odd for a notebook cover.

Inside time—Engrish photo 2013-09-03160530_zpscb15a0f4.jpg
"Occasionally on white paper draw some like, or small or large, is inherently record in time."

Or a peeler—Engrish photo 2013-08-24115056_zps11f8dcce.jpg
"Paring knife" should be "horrible peeler with things on the side of the blade that keep it from peeling round things, like fruit and vegetables tend to be."

Chicken-hearted Softie—Engrish photo 2013-09-03160355_zps20502b07.jpg
"You a chicken-hearted softie."

We know which referees to watch out for photo 2014-05-01214304_zps5f3422a5.jpg
So you know which referees to watch out for.

Roll Center? Is that something medicine-related? photo 2014-05-01230456_zpsb0a2d289.jpg
Roll center? Is that something medical?

Looks like cupping to me—Engrish photo 2013-08-31102703_zps44ab8ec0.jpg
For Sica: "Cup ping."

I'll let God love steak any day—Engrish photo 2013-09-01070722_zps8707cddb.jpg
"That is a letting God love steak overwhelmed!"

Chicken rude and unreasonable photo 1395186_10102246040618423_2074311520_n_zpsc02ff2c9.jpg
How do you get back at a rude and unreasonable chicken? Eat it!


  1. Now I'm straight-up crying. I'm adding this to my list of blog posts to make me laugh when I'm frustrated.

  2. Also, my "prove you're not a robot" word was "crothes," the Engrish word for "clothes."

  3. I got two shout outs in two posts! I think this may be my single greatest accomplishment!

  4. Wow. That was very entertaining. Stuart and I need to go to China. :)

  5. Amazing. Also, is it possible that second one could say "Mummy and I are" instead of just "I are?" It looks like it might just be separated from the rest.