09 May 2014

China, Why You Be So Weird?

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Face-kinis for protecting your face at the beach.

China can be just plain weird sometimes. Every time for the last few months that I heard a weird story about something in China, I saved the link. Amuse yourself with these:

Restaurants add addictive powder to food.

Rats on a Hong Kong—Xiamen plane.

Chinese couples wear matching clothes.

Beijing penis tower.

Man gets a 28-cm wooden handle stuck in anus.

Rich and shameless Chinese people.

How many of these bizarre x-rays are from China? Four? Five?

Virtual flag-raising ceremony to avoid pollution.

60 surveillance cameras on one pole receive ridicule.

Shanghai cinema used a funny fan-made Thor poster.

Weird stuff to buy on Taobao (it's like Amazon).

Crazy things that happen only in China, like a cute and talent little girl being replaced by a cuter little girl for the Olympics, and thousands of pigs showing up in a river without explanation.

Dead baby screams before cremation.

42 things that you can only see in China, including KFG, a magical drug store, and a dude taking a nap on a chain.

Chinese man commits suicide because he didn't want to shop with his girlfriend anymore.

CCTV says there are benefits to pollution.

Woman pregnant for 60 years (not that this doesn't happen elsewhere, it's the fact that nothing was done for 60 years).

 Severed hand kept alive on man's ankle.

Mother buys front-page to ask son to come home and promises not to pressure him to get married anymore.

Notice that they had to re-open the doors because there were some kids who were unable to get out earlier. How many other cars had that problem, I wonder? This is why I avoid going anywhere between 8 and 10 AM.

She's wearing an air purifier at a public store. Without a mask.

Top 10 weird stories from China in 2013.

Even the top 10 important stories from China are kind of weird.

Added later:

Man opens emergency exit for fresh air.

Women jump into river to see who man will save.

Man raises bears thinking they were puppies.

People react to escalator fatality.

And some dude at Barcamp Shanghai told me there's no gender problem in programming in China: "In China, Women Hired to Motivate Computer Programmers."

Plastic plant headwear fad.

A gray-bunned McDonald's burger.

A man tried to take a turtle on a plane disguised as a sandwich.

A woman bought a house by selling the iPhones she had her 20 boyfriends buy for her.

Man discovers his nutcracker is actually a hand grenade (December 2016).

Bad manners with bike-sharing.

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  1. I forgot all about your monthly links. They were the best!! This post made me smile.