07 December 2013

Congratulations to Michael's HULT Prize Team, Revive

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After many, many, many hours of hard work outside of normal homework, class, and leadership hours, Michael's team won the intra-campus HULT Prize competition today, meaning Team Revive will be going on to represent HULT Shanghai at the regional level (in Shanghai with other MBA schools).

Team Revive's basic idea is to provide better access to early detection of non-communicable diseases in slums. The presentation they gave in front of judges was polished, professional, and perfectly timed. I'm so glad I was able to be there and I am so proud of them. Wish Michael, Federico, Audrey, Gunjan, and Simone good luck in the next level.

Revive HULT Prize Logo photo TeamRevive_zps3f9e8d25.png

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