08 December 2013

Karaoke at Renny's

My friend Renny invited Michael and me over to lunch at her parents' house, and after we ate what seemed like two tons of food, she broke out her karaoke machine for us. She insisted we sing, and all three of them watched us for at least an hour. We may have laughed enough to make the neighbors wonder what in the world was going on.

First of all, Renny had just one set with English songs on it, labeled "romantic." Each video of them had cheesy footage of Asian women in 90s garb sitting and walking around or just looking off into the distance. Secondly, there were hilarious English mistakes in the songs. For example, "I Swear" had one section where the lyrics were misspelled to say, "I sweat . . . by the moon and the stars in the sky." Ha ha ha. Then, some of the songs didn't fit into the "romantic" categorization, like Jingle Bells—we jauntily sang that one while bouncing up and down and Michael of course sang the "batman smells" version, which I'm not sure Renny's family caught onto. What made it even better was the dorky dancing we did and the awkwardness of them taking pictures and videos of us the whole time.

 photo 2014-05-27122739_zpsac26bcbc.jpg

Karaoke at Renny's Parents' House photo 2014-05-27125930_zps1f953c16.jpg
I'm as pale as their wall.

 photo 2014-05-27125924_zps6fd8387c.jpg

We had a grand ol' time.

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