26 November 2012

I'm Grateful for the Helpful Tech Community

FYI: ESPN's developer blog posted a picture of me.


See the woman next to me? Dheerja. She totally helped me figure out frontend stuff. I marvel and marvel every day about how helpful the tech community is. I never felt like this in academia; in fact, I felt quite left alone to figure things out myself, even by my professors sometimes.

Joseph McCullough Skyped with me to help me understand requests and parsing.

Kenneth Love chatted with me to help me get my Django stuff set up.

Skillcrush helps me by publishing information in understandable English.

Hy Carrel emailed to make sure I knew about a Python event and then introduced me to some helpful people at the event.

Julia Grace (my mentor) and Charles Ruhland looked over my code during the weekend after I sent a desperate email.

Christian and the other students at Hackbright have been generous in answering my questions.

David does networking so I can focus on learning.

Michael (that's my permanent boyfriend, a.k.a. husband) has talked me through my code despite not knowing what was going on himself, as well as through my "I want to give up" moments.

This list is never-ending, it seems, so I'm finally just going to go ahead and publish it as it is now to give you an idea.

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