05 December 2012

Hackbright Career Day Fall 2012

We had Hackbright Career Day yesterday at Connections SF (424 Clay St.). A lot of my fellow Hackbright students were really scared about the mini-interviews and wanted to practice answering questions about their projects. Honestly, I wasn't scared--I was more worried about making my app work to my own satisfaction and then studying for the real, technical interviews. I figured that only circa 7 minutes with each company representative (or set or reps) would pretty much be the same as going to a meetup and networking--you ask about their company, they ask you about you and your skills, and both of you are looking for something you can connect on. 

My interview space (number 8 was taken, so I took number 4, but I just remembered that the number 4 is NOT a good number in Chinese culture--oh well, despite what people say, just because I married a Taiwanese guy doesn't mean that I am Chinese, ha):


I think in the end, everyone enjoyed the day; I did for sure. It was really fun to meet smart people who are looking for other smart people. I liked hearing about their technology and actually knowing what they were talking about. I liked their ideas and innovation. Between you and me, though, my favorite part was getting to show off my pretty and functional app to people who actually appreciate the technology I had to use to wade through information and return what my app needed. 

(More about my app later . . .)

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  1. At first glance I thought it said, "Career Day Fail." Glad that wasn't the case.