23 July 2012

Links to Love (Week 29, 2012)

I got my cast off. Yay! So far, walking is a bit painful, but not because of the healed bone. The muscles are so sore and tight that I'm limping--not what I expected, but I hope it will pass soon. My piled-up, scaly skin was absolutely disgusting for a few days, but scrubbing has taken care of that.


Isn't this colorful collage of Beijing neighborhoods made more lovely in its dilapidated setting?

Wireless audio devices, finally.

"No soup for you!" tour.

Relationbook.me: check the relationship statuses of all your Facebook friends at once.

Having something in your teeth is more noticeable than other flaws. Good call, Colgate.

Rich kids of Instagram.

Maybe this is totally weird, but this dress made of fermented red wine fascinates me with its deep colors:


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