16 November 2011

Getting in Touch with My Indian Side

My Indian friend Archana was nice enough to lend me a sari for Halloween this year and even to teach me how to wear one. I hope I did a good job. Saris really are a beautiful item of clothing and I'm thinking of getting my own. Think I could pull it off at church?


Archana also showed me the latest smash hit song in India. It keeps getting stuck in my head and I keep it open in a tab so I can see the awesome dancing. See for yourself:

(FYI, "chammak challo" means "hip shaker.")


  1. I think saris are so beautiful! I've always wanted to wear one. Maybe I'll copy you next Halloween

  2. Saris are the best. For some awesome Indian dancing and music check out anything by Amir Khan- especially the movie Lagaan!