07 June 2011

Michelle Glauser, Discount Landscaper

Paul to me: "You should start a landscaping company."

Time for yet another shift in career?

By procuring root barriers, trees, weed cover, and workers (myself included), and by finding a cheaper garden supplies place for the bark and rocks, the total cost of a recent yard project for Paul and Amy was at least $4125 cheaper than the estimated price. How happy to accomplish such a huge task so successfully. :D

New trees that will eventually provide shade to a window-filled kitchen:

New Trees for the Bankheads

A cited-by-the-city park strip before I worked on it:

Park Strip Before Landscaping Project

Same park strip after, with weed barrier, landscaping rocks, a cleaned-up weedy hill, and bark chips:

Park Strip After Landscaping Project

Weed-surrounded, empty garden boxes (this picture is actually from 2010, so it's not quite true to the pre-project situation):

Garden 2010

Turned into this, with weed barrier, bark chips, landscaping gravel, and a thriving and varied crop:

Vegetable Garden



  1. Hmm, I think he's right. I should hire you to come and fix my yard. :)

  2. Good for you! Cleaning up this messy world one section at a time. I guess I had better go pull some weeds!

  3. Yes, amazing job! I will be consulting with you soon on our cited-by-the-city park strip!

  4. Wow! The money that can be saved by working on things ourselves. But oh my, it looks like it involved lots and lots of work. Sounds like a good business if you can do it at a price far lower than the market rate. Good one!

  5. And now I look like a slob and a lazy, lazy person. 'Preciate it.