31 January 2011

January's Links to Love


A new favorite crafting blog, Whimsy Beams.

Seeing the world in bubbles.

Upcycled doily lamp:

Shannon South's Upcycled Doily Lamp

Short animated film:

Bon Appetit from Kilogramme on Vimeo.


Google translates poetry
(considering rhyme, meter, etc.).

Literary new year resolutions.


"Single, Female, Mormon, Alone." I don't agree with her decision, but the "problem" that she is accused of having sure is thought-provoking. As are the comments (especially #52). And a fabulous discussion of the article at Times and Seasons.

Salon.com's "Why I can't stop reading Mormon housewife blogs," and Amy Lawson's response.

An Evangelical Graduates from LDS Institute.

Yes, I Love Technology:

Cyberspace when you're dead (NY Times).

More fonts at Blogger!

Computer user humor (I have totally done this with so many easier functions, i.e. "Just press CTRL+C!!! No! Don't go to the menu, ack!"):


Blizzard time lapse:

December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse from Michael Black on Vimeo.

And as long as we're talking about weather, can you believe the Australian flooding?

German Löffelspiel (spoon game):

This orchestra fail made me laugh:

What a lighthearted Technorati article about sleep talking. :)

Check out this amazing dancing kid (he would rock my world at Just Dance on the Wii):

Crazy Things Parents Text. LOL (and that doesn't mean "lots of love").

And last but not least, babies are hilarious when they learn to say no (at first, anyway):

An inspiring TED talk:

A 3-year-old conducting Beethoven:

I cannot get enough of these hilarious graphs.

Ice cream, running, blizzard.

A could-have-been romance (do you do this too? I always wonder how much I should write, when, etc.):


  1. I love that google video! Hilarious. I definitely feel that way when I watch older people navigate around the computer.

    Heck, I even felt that way when I worked for DownEast & watched my boss design stuff. JUST USE THE QUICK KEYS!

  2. the parents texting thing made me literally LOL. Like, the choking, can't breathe I'm laughing so hard type. :-)

  3. Yay for links! I think you noticed I stole some for fb. Watch out for those Chinese.

  4. Thanks for linking me :D The baby saying no video is hilarious :D When I was teaching a year back, there was a 2 year old child who said 'yes' to everything.

  5. How did I miss this dense post? I'll have to give each item it's due time and come back with another comment later. :)