02 February 2011

The Office

Do you know what? I caught up on years of The Office. I admit it. I feel guilty every time I watched it because it's so much time I could be using for other things. And there are a lot of things that aren't so clean or respectable on there.

Anyway, I've noticed something.

The Office, no matter how hilarious or seemingly close to characters we encounter in our workplaces, it will never be like real life. After each situation, things wouldn't get "back to normal" in a real workplace.

After Pam's painting gets dissed, Gabe is called names, one birthday is celebrated but not another, etc., people would stay mad. There wouldn't be any of this "everything is okay again" mentality that seems to be the status quo at the start of each episode. Michael would be the hated boss and people would quit. He probably would have been fired long ago. Dwight would be complained about and HR would look into doing something about him. And so on. Don't you think?

I guess it's the fact that the conditions just continue that makes it funny (the kind of funny where you groan), but if we were working there, we would be very dissatisfied. Rambling . . .

What in the world are they going to do without Michael next season?


  1. True true, but I love the show! I heard that Will Farrel is going to be the new boss. We'll just have to wait and see, but noone can replace Michael Scott.